Saying Hello!

Welcome to my blog!  I’m a student in Vermont trying to balance faith, fun, and functionality as I learn more about the professional writing industry.

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In this space, I’m going to share about the things that inform, influence, and shape my faith life.  That could be anything from my current practices to memories to quotes to any other musings.

To provide some context, here’s a rough outline of my faith story.

I was raised in a strong Catholic household and baptized as a baby.  I attended parochial school run by the Salesian sisters from the time I was four.  I received my First Communion in the second grade.  My faith was a well-established part of my childhood.

Once I graduated middle school, I began attending the all-girl Salesian high school in my area.  In the beginning of my first year, a friend of mine invited me to XLT, a night of Eucharistic adoration.  It was there that I started to really connect to my faith on a personal, meaningful level.  My high school theology classes strengthened and deepened my faith.  Though it had always been a prominent element in my life, this was when it started to really matter to me and take on a passionate dimension.

During my sophomore year, I started confirmation classes at my parish.  One of our requirements was to attend a youth group meeting, and after resisting going until the last two months, I fell in love after the first day.  I went to the last few meetings of the year, and bonded immediately with the group.

In junior year, I made my confirmation, and attended the Salesian Leadership Retreat.  I continued my involvement with my youth group, serving as a team member; I led regular meetings, helped run retreats, and did a witness talk every year.  I had been attending adoration regularly since my first encounter with it, and continued to do so.  I was constantly learning about my faith in classes, and I was loving every moment of it.  Senior year of high school continued in much the same way.

When I entered college, it was a severe culture shock for me.  I was attending a secular institution of learning for the first time, was no longer in theology classes regularly, and was ripped away from my youth group.  I knew I wanted to hold on to my faith in college, but I floundered a bit without the anchor points I had grown accustomed to.

By the blessings of God, a Catholic society started at my school in my first year.  We collaborated with the Catholic Center at the larger school up the hill, which was well established.  It was so reassuring to find a community of other Catholics in this new place, even if it was a small group.

I am now part of a a scripture-based apologetics Bible study.  In the absence of dedicated theology classes, I listen to podcasts to learn more about my faith.  I attend Mass at the Catholic Center, and do my best to make time to pray every morning and night.  I am always seeking to build my relationship with God and to strengthen my faith.

So please, join me on this journey of faith as I reflect on what I’m working on and share some of the beautiful things our Church has to offer.  I welcome any suggestions or feedback that you may have.  Enjoy!

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