Chai Tea Latté

A hand holds up a chai latte in a plastic container with a yellow straw.

Throughout the pandemic and its subsequent re-opening phases, I’ve enjoyed observing the innovation happening all around us. This coronavirus has challenged us in all sorts of ways, but people keep coming up with creative solutions. The adjustments are a little intimidating, because they remind us of the danger, but I think they’re also really hopeful, because they’re put in place to keep us safe. It’s a sign of caring.

I’m in love with my local tea shop, but when the pandemic shut down all non-essential services, they had to close. I’ve missed them during their extended absence. But very recently, they announced they are opening back up! You can’t actually walk inside; they’re only accepting online orders with curbside pick-up. But the drinks are still heavenly.

I was so happy when I approached their doorway and got my latté handed to me through an opening in the plexiglass barrier. It was surreal, certainly, as pretty much every activity is right now, but it was joyful too. I’m so glad that I got to enjoy one of my favorite treats while supporting an amazing small business.

What’s made you happy recently?

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