The definitions of the various types of editing can overlap, and each professional may think of them in slightly different ways. This list of skills by the Editorial Freelancers Association sums it up well, but I can answer any specific questions regarding your needs.

Below are my hourly rates for editing. These paces were based on the estimates by the EFA. The actual speed of my review will vary based on the complexity of the document.

There is a minimum charge of 1 hour for any project.

Type of EditingEstimated PaceRate
Developmental editing1–5 pages / hour$25 / hour
Sensitivity reading1–5 pages / hour$25 / hour
Line editing1–6 pages / hour$20 / hour
Copy editing2–10 pagers / hour$20 / hour
Proofreading5–10 pages / hour$20 / hour

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