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I grew up in New Jersey, close to the city and the beach.  I’ve been keeping a journal since before I knew how to write (I filled a pink notebook with scribbles because I was determined to tell stories) and have continued writing ever since.

I reveled in my language arts, literature, and linguistics classes throughout my years of Catholic school.  In the summer of 2016, I was hired by St. Mary’s Press to create content for the fourth edition of the Catholic Youth Bible.  Then, I moved to Vermont to earn a degree in Professional Writing at Champlain College.  During my four years of study, I deepened my love for poetry and fiction.  I also discovered a new love for creative non-fiction, copyediting, and social media content creation.  I was blessed with numerous opportunities for internships and publications both on and off campus.

These days, I write about what ignites my passion.  I navigate the world around me through storytelling, so my writing is frequently rooted in my lived experiences or the changes I want to help create.  My most frequent topics include the Catholic faith, the consistent life ethic, and wellness that incorporates chronic illness and mental health.  When I’m not writing or reading, I’m usually quilting, working on my bullet journal, or scrolling through my Pinterest feed in search of new ideas.

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