Writing Portfolio


a new england winter and how i explained suicide to my boss’s dog

Last Leaves Mag

street games

Stay Journal

As A Result

Create | Encounter, honorable mention 2018


Young Ravens Literary Review

On the Corner of Faith and Fear

Typographic Intersections exhibition at the Stair Nook Art Gallery


Pinnacle Anthology


I write articles for Study.com and regularly contribute to Rehumanize International‘s publications.

15 Plastic Products You Are Probably Polluting With (and others)

DREAD zine

Hawthorne, NJ

No Safe Place Anthology

4 Ways to Stay Faithful on a College Campus

Array of Hope blog

Are birth control pills abortifacients?

Celebrate Life magazine from American Life League

A Semester of Stronger Relationships and New Perspectives

Champlain Abroad blog

Ill in Ireland

The Well magazine

The Ugly Side of Self-Care

To Write Love On Her Arms blog

Catholic Youth Bible

Fourth Edition by St. Mary’s Press

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