The Guardians Project

When my best friend Michele came to me and said “I had a dream, I want to turn it into a novel, and I want you help,” I immediately said yes.

We spent hours fleshing out this idea that she’d had for a pantheon of deities, and the world they created. The original plan was to co-author a book, but we kept coming up with more and more ideas for different platforms. It’s all still a work in progress, but this page will be the most accurate source for updates about any and all aspects of this project.


I created a moodboard for each of the deities in the pantheon. It’ll help you get to know each of the guardians and what their purview is. Follow the board to receive updates in your home feed!


Do you wish that you could visit the library in Everson? An ambient ASMR experience is a great way to immerse yourself in a setting like the library. This interactive image has some sample sounds of what it might be like to study under Atris’s guidance.

Campaign Setting

If you want to take your immersion a step further, you could always set your favorite role playing game in the world of the guardians. This brief guide provides the information you would need, such as world history, to set a campaign in Everson, Gamore, or somewhere in between.

Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for more platforms, such as a novel, a scientific journal, and an interactive map!

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